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Linux Mint 12 in Review

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Linux Mint 12 Mini Review 

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| Once again Linux Mint developers released their release candidate for Lisa 
| and, as is often the case, made it available with no expected date for the 
| final release. Fine by me... Mint RCs are usually very good in quality, very 
| mature and stable, so I rarely wait for the final version to get to grips with 
| it. Those who read my Linux Mint 11 REVIEW probably remember that I was not 
| particularly surprised with it. It felt like a conservative step forward that 
| didn't include that many surprises. In a sense, Katia was probably a safe bet 
| to stay away from the brand new (and heavily unstable) Ubuntu's Unity 
| interface and also to ensure the move to GNOME3 happened at the right moment. 
| In that sense, Mint 11 was a great release and one of the best implementations 
| of GNOME 2.32, with a very personal caracter and carefully designed 
| aesthetics. Linux Mint 12 is probably the opposite, for it represents the 
| transition to GNOME3 and GNOME Shell, the developers first attempt to swim in 
| these cold, unexplored waters. How does it do, you ask?

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