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Re: GNU/Linux in the High Streets in Portugal

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____/ Sinister Midget on Saturday 19 Nov 2011 23:43 : \____

> On 2011-11-19, JeffM <jeffm_@xxxxxxxxx> claimed:
>>>JeffM wrote:
>>>>This announcement seems like a ripple on the edge of a big wave.
>>>>Versions of the Eee running Linux
>>>>have already been a big success worldwide.
>> Sinister Midget wrote:
>>>I think the news is that Eee is coming back with it
>>>after MICROS~1 tried to kill it.
>> Redmond figured out that a price point of $0 for software
>> is really really hard to beat.
>> Having to "donate" their OS to ASUS to get them to use it
>> was a radical shift for The Borg.
>> After zero income coming back to M$ from each unit sold
>> even though it had Windoze installed on it
>> was what it required to knife the baby,
>> it seems that MSFT's stockholders are thoroughly pissed.
>> ...and even if you didn't buy your Eee with Linux *preinstalled*,
>> it's not hard to figure out that the device is Linux-friendly.
>> When you're tired of your Eee running like a snail with M$'s junk,
>> even if you can't install Linux yourself,
>> there's a nearby nerd who can do that for you.
> My Eee had Xandros on it when I bought it. Better than Winders, but not
> very good. I replaced that promptly with something else (I forget what
> it was now). Then I upgraded the SSD, got a better battery and
> maxed-out the RAM. After it ran a number of things (Ubuntu, Mint,
> Jolicloud, GOS, Debian, Fedora, PCLOS, Sidux, Kanotix, and a number of
> others I can't recall), it's now running Pinguy. My son uses it to play
> games and get online upstairs. My wife uses it to study Spanish and do
> some other related things online.. I use it to connect to my various
> routers, access points and printers to configure them, check logs, etc.
> I bought a used Aspire One that had Windwoes on it (it also still had 8
> months' warranty on it - showing how marvelous Windummie netbooks are
> to their users). I replaced the drive with an SSD, got a better battery
> and maxed-out the RAM. It serves as my desktop at home and my travel
> machine when away (except when relying on either a tablet or the
> phone). The plus side is it's the exact same machine as I have at home,
> except I use an external monitor and keyboard at home, as well as have
> two more drives attached. It's a pleasure to have everything working
> the exact same as I do at home (minus the additional stuff). It's even
> more pleasurable in the it's more powerful than my original Eee and it
> has more storage as well. I ssh-tunnel into my old desktop machine at
> home, just like I do when I /am/ at home, and get access to my own
> private cloud.
> I can't imagine either machine being worth a crap with Windopes on it.
> In fact, the guy was selling the Aspire One because he wasn't happy
> with the speed, and he said it didn't run as well as his desktop
> (probably far more firepower in the desktop). After getting rid of that
> malware he had on it (Windoze XP), I've had no problems with it at all,
> other than when I broke the screen and had to replace it.
> In fact, I ran XP in a VM for about a week on the Acer just to see how
> well it worked. XP in a VM on linux runs really sweet. But it's still
> Windross, so there's only so much you can do to make it worth using no
> matter how much better it runs.

Some of the tasks you describe here are now being addressed by tablets. Cisco,
for example, is making some Android-based tablets and there are reasons for
Microsoft to worry to the extent of suing, extorting, etc. because
Windows is just not suitable for such devices.

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