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Re: GNU/Linux in the High Streets in Portugal

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____/ Chris Ahlstrom on Sunday 20 Nov 2011 01:38 : \____

> JeffM wrote this copyrighted missive and expects royalties:
>> bbgruff wrote:
>>>I appreciate that [M$] claim that Windows 8 will run on ARM,
>>>but will all the applications (e.g. MS Office) run on ARM?
>> No.  At a minimum, they'll all have to be recompiled.
>> If M$-/x86-specific toolkits were used, good luck with that.
>> All the folks who "own" "Windoze-compatible" apps now
>> and expect the ARM versions to work the same
>> are in for a big shock, I suspect.
> Yup.
>> UI evolution:  Menus > Ribbon > Noose to hang yourself??
>> This is going to be even more interesting to watch
>> than the 9x-to-NT-only shift.
> That, at least, happened in waves.
>>>Interesting times ahead for Microsoft? :-)
>> "Competition":
>> It's a word Redmond is going to have to learn in a big hurry.
>> ...and, as mentioned, competing with $0 is *really* difficult.
> Except sometime Redmond's product is negative $ (subsidized by
> demoware vendors).

Some sources in Germany claimed that Microsoft PAID ASUS to drop Linux
and use Windows instead. There was even an investigation launched in

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