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Re: EU: Apple-Samsung row could be stifling competition

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____/ Homer on Tuesday 22 Nov 2011 18:46 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee that Hardon spake thusly:
> [...]
>> "In particular, in the IT sector, it is obvious it is not the only
>> case. Apple and Samsung is only one case where IP rights can be used
>> as an instrument to restrict competition," he said, according to a
>> Reuters report.
> The word "duh!" comes to mind.
> Has the EU only just figured out that the government-granted artificial
> privilege of "IP" monopoly is "an instrument to restrict competition"?
> Ya think?
> Well if they believe, as I do, that this is a problem, then surely the
> solution is simple: don't grant that monopoly in the first place.
> Or is that too obvious?

Patents are tools of exclusion. How are they /anything/ other than competition
stiflers? "You are not allowed to do this" is not promoting innovation, either.

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