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Re: Apple Feels the Domination of Linux

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____/ William Poaster on Wednesday 23 Nov 2011 14:07 : \____

> On Wed, 23 Nov 2011 11:40:45 +0000, RonB wrote:
>> On Wed, 23 Nov 2011 06:13:36 -0500, Chris Ahlstrom wrote:
>>> Well, the Microsoft lovers push the 1% thing, where the large
>>> already-installed mass of Windows boxes serves to push the idea that
>>> Microsoft is still overwhelming Linux.
>> Even if Linux Desktop usage is only 1% (I don't believe it) it still
>> remains that it is an alternate choice.
> And even *if* the Linux Desktop is only 1% (which it isn't & even M$ has
> said it's higher than that)it still represents a large number of people
> using Linux.
> The number of Internet users is estimated to be 1,966,514,816.
> So if *only* 1% are Linux users, that would be just over 19,600,000.
> Now if you had an application, & could sell it for only $1 to every Linux
> user...
> (And you can bet that'll go right over the wintrolls heads.)
>> And everything Microsoft does is an attempt to eliminate choice --
>> except for the allowed (even encouraged) "token" challenge from Apple to
>> keep Microsoft from being "too much" of a monopoly. And even on the Mac,
>> Microsoft has the office suite market (their other cash cow) sewn up.
>> Linux remains the wild card. Linux netbooks were a real challenge to
>> Microsoft's OS monopoly. They had to killed. Microsoft did this by
>> basically giving away Windows XP (after it was supposed to be withdrawn
>> from the market).
> IMO M$ panicked when they saw they weren't in the netbook market.
>> Even though Redmond won that war, it was Pyrrhic
>> victory because it cost them big in margin. Unlike Apple, who controls
>> their own hardware, Microsoft relies on monopolizing and controlling OEM
>> vendors and, for a brief while, OEM vendors had leverage with their
>> netbooks.
>> Unfortunately for Microsoft, after their expensive "victory," they were
>> hit by Apple's iPad and the Android tablet inundation. Their desktop
>> monopoly is becoming less and less relevant -- so expect them to become
>> much more active in patent extortion -- though Barnes & Noble may have
>> put a monkey wrench in their plans by revealing Microsoft's patent
>> racket methods.
>> Interesting times.
>> Meanwhile Android, a free Linux-based OS, has become both Apple's and
>> Microsoft's main enemy. And here we see Linux competing in a market
>> *not* controlled by Intel, Microsoft or Apple. As can be seen, when on
>> even footing or even starting from behind, Open Software wins on merit,
>> flexibility and choice.
>> Choice is good.
> Yup, sure is. :-)

It's more about freedom. Choice can be a choice between two shoddy parties or
Mac vs PC. Freedom lets you define your own or code your own rather
than choose one of two unattractive bundles.

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