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Re: Coordinated Linux/Android FUD

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____/ Homer on Monday 28 Nov 2011 13:10 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee that Chris Ahlstrom spake thusly:
>>    McAfee issued a press release last week that, in its very first
>>    paragraph, said Android malware was up by 37 percent. Looks
>>    impressive until you ask McAfee for the actual numbers. Michael
>>    Sentonas, chief technical officer for Australia and New Zealand,
>>    said they were unable to provide  numbers - I wonder why - and then
>>    referred me to a graph in the 21-page report (PDF) that accompanied
>>    the press release.
>>    According to said graph, there were 60 samples of unique Android
>>    malware collected in the second quarter. That number grew to 82 in
>>    the third quarter. There you have the 37 percent growth. Sounds
>>    like a declamation from a prophet of doom when you use the
>>    percentage instead of the actual numbers.
>>    The word Windows was mentioned once in that 21-page report. Once.
>>    And yet on probing, Sentonas admitted that of the 75 million unique
>>    malware samples McAfee expected to collect in 2011, more than 95
>>    per cent would attack only one platform. No prizes for guessing the
>>    platform in question.
> So that's Android: 82, Windows: 75 ... million.
> And McAfrosoft failed to mention that every single one of those 82
> Android "malware" samples were nothing more than social engineering, and
> thus had no bearing on OS security whatsoever, unlike the millions of
> actual viruses that plague Windows.
> Google should sue for misrepresentation. At the very least both
> Microsoft and its "partner" McAfee should be investigated for corrupt
> business practises.

That might never happen while homoeopathy scammers not only dodge the law
but also receive NHS funding.

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