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Any comments made that are time dependent will be irrelevant to this page. This had me wondering if anything at all can be included here. I will make an attempt to update the contents once in a while.

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The Dow is very likely to push through the 10,000 point threshold, but with increasing interest rates by the year 2004 some may choose to put the money elsewhere. I don't expect technology stocks to recover so the NASDAQ is likely to remain at its current levels.

London Stock Exchange

A very encouraging rise from the 3200's to the 4300's between the month of March and present day is a good sign of recovery. However, with issues like the Euro policies I would be reluctant to see this surge (of an impressive 33%) continuing.


The Dollar is too weak and I refuse to believe that it will sink to 1.30 against the Euro (as some analysts suggest). It should recover within the next few months as the international community (hopefully) welcomes a democratic government. Go democrats!

Links and References

Yahoo! Finance offers some very convenient overview on US shares and currencies (Yahoo! Finance UK for UK perspective).

DLJ Direct, now apparently acquired by or renamed to Harris Direct, offer some good portfolio software and good Web site interface, but request a small annual fee for real-time information.

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