Roy Schestowitz


(1) April 2001

(3) Circa 1969

(5) October 1949

General Notes

I was born to Maya (2) and Gabriel (1, 3) on December 17th, 1981. Avner Werner Max Schestowitz (4, 5) and Judith Tiffenbruner (5) are my paternal grandparents; Luna and Sammy Sorogon (6) -- my maternal. Judith passed away from lung cancer in 1996 and Sammy (from whom my middle name was adopted) died in 1999 while struggling with Parkinson's disease.

This page is a tribute to them all and I hope it will be extended in the near future. My ancestry pages and archives are unfortunately not public on this site (password-protected, to be precise) and that state is unlikely to change.

My little sister (born 1996) asked me to put a photo of hers on-line.

In Memoriam

(2) September 2003

(4) Circa 1950

(6) Circa 1961

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