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Re: click-click-buuuuuzzzzz?

news.rcn.com wrote:
>> Excuse me! Restoring Win 98 does NOT involve a format of the HD, or
>> loss of data. In most instances you can install from
>> Windows/Options/Cabs by finding the setup.exe file, but in some
>> instances you have to use the Win98 CD. In either case you don't
>> lose your data or applications, since Win98 installs over the top of
>> the original installation.
>> I done it dozens of times, to my own hardware and other peoples'
>> hardware. You lose nothing. It takes about 28 minutes.
> You might be right but I can't get to a prompt where I can install or
> re-install windows so I would prefer to fix this problem if possible
> rather than format my hard drive which at the moment is the only
> option:  I did manage to get half-way to an F5 start but it gav me an
> error message and then on the next line said Wi_ with the underline
> being a blinking cursor with no further action.  (The clicking and
> buzzing did start all over again at that point.)  There arent any cab
> files on the hard drive. Can I go to a dos prompt from a floppy start
> and then run simple setup from there?
> I didn't think windows setup (setting up over an existing
> installation) could be run from a dos prompt which is why I was here
> asking this question. Did I get it wrong?

You could first try the Win98 install Cd-rom without the rescue diskette. If
the cd detects that Win 98 is already installed and refuses to install, then
use the rescue diskette.

This gives you the option of starting the computer with cd-rom support, you
simply answer yes, pop the Cd into the drive, type D: followed by dir/w/p,
then click on the setup.exe file. The setup.exe file is in the root
directory of the Cd-rom, there is another setup file in the Win98 folder on
the CD-rom, which also works (this sometimes works even better when loading
from Dos).

This method does not delete any of the application or data files from your
hard disk, and uses the Windows settings that are already in use, so your
screen resoluion, icon positions and colour depth are left as they were.

If you use the OEM's software product recovery cd-rom, it will usually, but
not always, format the hard drive, and you will lose all data. (some product
recovery disks give you 2 or3 options, 1 of which will simply re-install
Windows without a format)

If you want to start with a clean install, you can use the rescue floppy,
type format/s at the dos prompt, then go through the install procedure as
described, using the Win98Cd-rom at switch-on.

When Windows commences the installation, don't opt for a partial (laptop)
install, as this will leave the vital cab files on your Cd-rom, whereas a
full install will copy them to the Windows/options/cabs folder on your HD,
from where you can carry out future re-installs without the Win98 CD-Rom.
This laptop install dates back to the days when laptop drives were puny, and
didn't have the space for the full Windows install.


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