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Re: Thunderbird Synchronisation

Hi Roy,

Yes you need to change on the Palm to another mail client(here Eudora mail). Versamail is free and modern but nothing so gorgeous to not drop it for something which works.

Wow, several days for the configuration of Versamail !

You are sure you not overconfigure your mail app?

Ah, btw the Agendus mail oder Agendus works as well with Thunderbird, but I could get only one account to sync. But cost 40€ which is of course too much for some mails.

The Agendus software also merges the standard organizer database to one application.Is in the level of datebk5 where datebk5 does not have mail support(yet ;-). I had only a quick look, but I have to admit as a datebk5 user that it is a very good concept and it has some features that I like very much so the price for the Agendus stuff is 50 € is a bit too much !.


Roy Schestowitz wrote:
I imagined that at some point, when Thunderbird becomes wide-spread,
Palm would incorporate its conduits into their software. I guess I must

I am reluctant to move to another mail client having just done that for
the past few days. The configurations take quite a while to restore,
e.g. mail filters, accounts, mail checking cycles for the different

I prefer not to mix and merge address book, as strange as it might
sound. On my Palm I sometimes keep addresses which are different to what
I use for E-mail. One day I'll get myself sorted... maybe that one day
will be today *smile*.

Thank you very much,


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