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Re: Thunderbird Synchronisation

BigBrotha wrote:
> Yes you need to change on the Palm to another mail client(here Eudora
> mail). Versamail is free and modern but nothing so gorgeous to not drop
> it for something which works.

So these two are able to synchronise mail with Thunderbird? I have

> Wow, several days for the configuration of Versamail !

No, Thunderbird actually.

> Ah, btw the Agendus mail oder Agendus works as well with Thunderbird,
> but I could get only one account to sync. But cost 40? which is of
> course too much for some mails.

I barely ever handle mail on the handheld, so ?40 is beyond budgets.

> The Agendus software also merges the standard organizer database to one
> application.Is in the  level of datebk5 where datebk5 does not have mail
> support(yet ;-). I had only a quick look, but I have to admit as a
> datebk5 user that it is a very good concept and it has some features
> that I like very much so the price for the Agendus stuff is 50 ? is a
> bit too much !.

Hhhmmm.... all I am hoping to get is a quick view of messages that are still
in my inbox. If only I had had IMAP support from the mail providers... if I
use POP3 and leave messages on server, then I might get duplicates.

Thanks for the help,


Roy Schestowitz

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