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Re: Upgrading Mozilla

JPB wrote:

> G'day,
> Not a pressing issue by any means; this is more of a curiosity thing
> that than anything else:
> I'm running SuSE 9.1 Pro with no issues whatsoever. Great OS. I've got
> the original Mozilla 1.6 installed that came with the CDs - works fine.
> I thought I'd check out the newer versions of Mozilla, so I did an
> apt-get upgrade of version 1.7 (this is the usr-local-bin build). No go
> - everything upgrades fine, no dependency problems, but Mozilla won't
> start. When I use the CLI, there is no output, no error messages - it'll
> just go back to the "jpb@amd:~>" prompt.
> I then uninstalled the u-l-b version and instead tried the one that
> comes with the 9.2Pro version, off the SuSE ftp site. Same result. I've
> also had a go at the "experimental" 1.8a rpms from the SuSE server; both
> the gtk2 and normal version. Same result. Tried to uninstall the
> installed version first and just do a rpm -ivh so as to get a clean
> install; no joy.
> So, while this is really not something that hugely bothers me, it'd
> still be good to know what is causing the problem. And why is there no
> error message to point out what it is Mozilla does not like on either of
> my two machines I tried this on? After all, Firefox has upgraded without
> any hassles.
> Any ideas?
> Cheers,
> John
> (BTW - I've tried to install 9.2Pro on one of my machines off CDs my
> neighbour has kindly lent me, and had no luck. Installation would freeze
> terminally and repeatedly - i.e. power switch "off"-type freeze - at the
> moment it went to format the drive. This is a machine that had run 9.1
> for some 6 months without a hitch. Interesting, as the same CDs
> installed on his computer without problems. As I really can't see that
> much of a difference between 9.1 and 9.2, I guess I'll just stay with my
> 9.1.
> No doubt you all wanted to know this! :-))

Mozilla Firefox is much better and extremely easy to install. It wasn't long
after I upgraded from Mozilla 1.2 to 1.7 that I made the switch to Firefox

I know it does not answer your question, but I think it's something you
ought to be aware of.


Roy Schestowitz

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