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Re: Cholesterol in Cottage Cheese?

  • Subject: Re: Cholesterol in Cottage Cheese?
  • From: Ignoramus6455 <ignoramus6455@NOSPAM.6455.invalid>
  • Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2005 13:09:47 GMT
  • Newsgroups: alt.support.diet
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On Tue, 02 Aug 2005 04:24:22 +0100, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@schestowitz.com> wrote:
> Ignoramus6304 wrote:
>> On 31 Jul 2005 12:27:58 -0700, Her Subj. <hersubjectivity@yahoo.com>
>> wrote:
>>> I consume about a pound of cottage cheese a week --that works out to
>>> able half a cup a day for the workday (I don't eat it on weekends). I
>>> usually buy Trader Joe's brand of organic fat free cottage cheese,
>>> since it tends to taste "milkier" than others I've tried. Today I just
>>> noticed the cholesterol content in this version of cottage cheese
>>> five milligrams is rather negligible, but keep in mind that I do eat
>>> quite a bit of cottage cheese throughout the year.
>> I am not one of those people who are afraid of and fear cholesterol,
>> but 5 mg is indeed such a negligible amount that it is not even worth
>> thinking about. National guildelines suggest to eat under 300 mg of
>> cholesterol per day.
> Moreover, with typical poor diets that include French fries, these
> puny quantities should not be accounted for. If one wants to cut
> down cholesterol altogether, giving up cheese is probably not
> something that needs will power. I moved from cheese to mayonnaise
> some years back.

Cheese is one of those things that, for me, is hard to give up. I gave
up candy, sweets etc, very easily, but not cheese.

>>> I don't eat any red meat and only very rarely do I eat pork. I do enjoy
>>> seafood of all kinds (my favourite things in the world are scallops,
>>> shrimp, and lobster, not to mention fish!) and enjoy the occasional
>>> chicken. I know cholesterol is found mostly in animal-based products
>>> and I try to stay away whenever I can.
>> There is quite a bit of cholesterol in shrimp and lobster. 3 oz of
>> shtimp contain 166 mg of cholesterol. That would be an equivalent of
>> 33 portions of cottage cheese.
>> http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts-001-02s037y.html
> I assume that most people eat shrimp at a small dosages and on rare
> occasions. Making the exception and eating luxurious seafoods doesn't
> compare to an unhealthy daily/regular diet.


>>> I probably don't get enough protein for my resistance and cardio
>>> regimen, but I try to keep a conscious effort to take in as much as
>>> possible. I usually get my protein via soy-based proteins, beans, and
>>> cottage cheese. What are other sources (other than whey powder, etc.)
>>> for protein besides meat and cheese?
> I eat a good deal of tuna, which is _relatively_ low in terms of saturated
> fat and malignant cholesterol. Tuna is very rich in protein too. I have
> been on this dietary regimen for several years and my most recent blood
> test showed the benefits.

I have been eating meat and fat in great quantities and my blood
cholesterol is also pretty good... I do not believe that cholesterol,
as such, causes disease, so I do not place a great deal of importance
to the fact that my cholesterol is normal.

Some interesting facts are that half of heart attack victims have
normal cholesterol. Certain measurements such as c-reactive proteins
are much better predictors of heart attack risk than cholesterol. At
best, cholesterol level may be an indication of other problems.

> PS - i, You're here as well?!?! Longevity is sure important to those among
> us who sit in front of the monitor all day...

I've been in this newsgroup for a little over 2 years... Lost 47 lbs
or so 2 years ago and still keeping that weight off... This is a great
and very supportive newsgroup. 


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