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Re: Windows to Ubuntu

  • Subject: Re: Windows to Ubuntu
  • From: please@dontspam.ntlworld.com (WaltA)
  • Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2005 09:50:45 GMT
  • Newsgroups: uk.comp.misc
  • Organization: Disorganised
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Roy :
Thanks for the pointer to the Dabs box.
They dont put much effort into their descriptions of what they are
trying to sell, do they !!
> 56k PCI Controllerless W/Voice

I suppose it's a modem ;-), but we are back with this controllerless
lark, will that be future proof with new versions of kernel, one

> CD-Rom Linux OS

It doesnt say if it is actually installed and ready to go, or is it a
DIY job ?
Looks like a cheap basic Celeron box to me.

Some other stuff that we were discussing :--
>>>> Ubuntu?
>>>It will configure
>>>everything automatically including network card/s (network addresses too),
>>>scanners, monitor/s etc.

Me >> Including WinModems ? !

You >>> One wonders why so many people still use Windows...

Me >> see above !

>It sounds like you had a go with Linux quite a long while back.

Puppy=a few months ago, Knoppix= a  year ago

>happened to heavy Linux distributions like Mandrake, SuSE, and RedHat
>(snip) which provide any piece of software you will ever
>need (no speed issues, forget about the opaque Windows Registry mechanism).

The only piece of software I really really need first off, is a Linux
that will see my modem !! Cos, being a newcomer to Linux if there was
something I didnt know I would have to look it up on the internet, and
to do that I had to get out of Linux and reboot Windows ! Which (a)
didnt make sense and (b) got right tedious.
With Puppy that was not too bad, but with Knoppix it is so big and
bloated it took too long geting out and back in.
There is no indication that Mandrake, SuSE, and RedHat et al. would be
any better with my modem, and anyway I'm down to my last few Mb on my
HD :)

I have used Gimp for a long time,
it is good, but an odd user interface !
I eventually got fed up with having to reboot to Windows to do any
interneting, that I eventually installed "Gimp for Windows" Hahaa
hehee :))

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