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Re: Ubuntu Shutdown, Dock and Pager

conkersack@yahoo.com wrote:

>> In case it adds anything: somehow it has always bothered me to view
>> the default Ubuntu settings. I always change the fonts sets,
> Yeah, I have to say that whenever I have had a go with any linux, the
> default fonts and things always look atrocious to my eyes.
>> Also have a play with the login screen (it can look /much/ better)
> Right, you've reminded me of a question I wanted to ask: When I've
> logged out of Ubuntu, is there any particular way I'm supposed to shut
> the copmputer down? I have just been turning it off with the physical
> on/off switch, but is there any way to get it to power down a la
> windows? Or does it anyway and it's something to do with the way I'm
> using it incorrectly?

Under Windows, shutting down is quite an illogical process as a matter of
fact. Why should you need to go to "Start" when you want to _End_ the
computer usage? Most people take it for granted and defend it because it is
what they have always done. I personally use ALT+F4 when I want to shut
down Windows.

I think you will be safe shutting down using the physical switch, but if you
have something that needs saving, there's a risk involved. You can add a
small shut-down/login/restart button to your dock, as I have done myself.
It is somewhere in the "add panel/extension" menu item, which comes up when
right-clicking (right-hand mouse) over the dock. I can't give you a precise
description because I use SuSE/KDE at the moment. You will have plenty of
other widgets to play with in there and I strongly encourage you to do so.

>> I hope you got the screen resolution to its maximum.
> Well, I got it to how I want!
>> Add extra docks (as many as you like, I think)
> What is a dock? (stop laughing, I'm still a beginner!)

Windows users know it as that bit at the bottom (or top, or side) with the
start button, list of applications, and more. In Linux you can have as many
docks (also known as panels and child panels) as you want. I have 7 docks
on my current machine which is a dual-head 19 and 21 inch (an out-of-date
snapshot at
shows you 5 docks at the bottom-left).

>>desktop pager (multiple desktops) etc.
> And this - what is it?!

Instad of minimising and restoring applications, you can virtually manage a
workspace 4 times (or more) the size of your screen. You then move between
the 4 sections of your desktop (pages): top-left, top-right, bottom-left
and bottom-right.

>> I also enjoy the inclusion of a VNC client
> Bit beyond my needs really, but nice to know it can!
> Cheers!

Glad to be able to help...


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