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Re: Formatting and Installing Linux

Jack Ouzzi wrote:

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Jack Ouzzi wrote:
>> As of 9 AM today, I am on the Ubuntu machine at work (until 6 PM) so I
>> can give you better instructions.
>> Go to Applications > System Tools -> Root Terminal (this gives you
>> complete control of the machine - root is administrator)
>> You will then be asked for the password (which you chose when installing
>> Ubuntu).
> I was not asked for a password for the 'Live' CD and I presume you mean
> when you install to HD.

I suppose so. The Live CD is only intended to give users a 'taste'. Either
way, if you go ahead, I suggest you stick with Kubuntu.

>> I hope you can follow the remainder of my instructions from here, but if
>> not, please tell me.
> Excellent, and extremely kind of you Roy. My only problem is time
> today. I start work at 16:00 until 23:59 and as yet I have no
> installation CD burned (or indeed downloaded yet) I have been watching
> the Discovery landing.
> I will 'play' with my Desktop this evening (I work in a Community Alarm
> Control Room)to see how this all works.
>> If you have all your personal files backed-up on a CD, you needn't
>> install anything. When you install an operating system (Linux) it will
>> either 'clean up' your hard-drive or live side-by-side with a Windows
>> partition (if you choose to do that, AKA dual-boot). When you partition
>> your hard-drive, you essentially set fixed quotas to each partition and
>> quotas are hard if not impossible to change thereafter. From my
>> experience, a Windows partition steals much-needed space in the long run.
>> I haven't booted up into Windows for months.
> I may change my mind then and install alongside XP on my main PC. I
> have a HD partitioned into 83GB and 63Gb - the latter with just mp3
> music files on so can be cleared for a Linux install.

Too many MP3's... *LOL*

Not even the big IT gurus exceed 30 GB when their renowned Musical Batons
kick off.

With Linux, as always, you can fill up a hard-drive with music in less than
a day /without/ human intervention. Quite legal and requires none of your


> Also will you
> object if I contact you through you website e-mail address rather than
> use up space here?? - I won't be a pain, honest ;-)
> Regards

Sure, if you prefer that, why not?


Roy S. Schestowitz

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