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Re: should I go with opensource this time>

__/ [Itai Raz] on Thursday 15 December 2005 10:47 \__

> Hello,
> I figured this would be a good place to post this question.
> I am a M$ die hard. Been doing windows programming (enterprise software
> products) for like 10 years now.
> I am now planning a new initiative - sort of a web app/site, kind of like a
> dating service. I recently had good experience with some of the traditional
> opensource products such as CVS. I grew really fond of the whole opensource
> community and the concept of opensource development, which in my opinion
> produces superior products to those coming from the commercial industry, by
> far. So I'm thinking - why not go with pure opensource this time - have the
> product run on Linux with PHP on top of Apache, mySQL as backend, store the
> sources on CVS, etc.
> Possible answer to why not:
> I'm a Microsoft whiz. Getting used to the concept of mounting my disks will
> cost me time. I need to learn PHP, Apache, and mySQL (shouldn't take long,
> but still takes time). The project will take longer, no doubt (The question
> is how much longer).
> Why yes:
> It's cheaper to start (free vs. some $$$).
> It works.
> Not very many pure internet apps nowadays are written for windows and IIS,
> as far as I can see (eBay, Google, LinkedIn, Craigslist, Paypal, etc.)
> I can run it on windows still, if I choose the right products (Apache, PHP,
> mySQL, etc.)
> I figured someone here should be able to persuade me that going with
> opensource will be the right move for all sorts of other reason. Or someone
> may surprise me and say - hey, I've done this move from commercial to
> opensource once, and it wasn't worth it for that first project.
> TIA!

Think  of this move as an investment. Dependencies due to Microsoft  lock-
-ins  (even knowledge-wise) is what it feeds it. Once you feel comfortable
with Open Source technologies, you will find that they are on par and usu-
ally better than what you thought could not be surpassed because it's paid
for. Moreover, never again will you have to pay for any licences, which is
an important factor in case of extension and growth.



Roy S. Schestowitz
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