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Re: Screenshots and Virtual Desktops

__/ [chris-usenet@xxxxxxxxxxxx] on Thursday 15 December 2005 09:40 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Is it at all possible to capture screenshots (e.g. using import) of
>> virtual desktops that are not 'in focus'. In other words, could the user
>> capture a screenshot of virtual desktop 3 while viewing virtual desktop 1?
> I don't believe that hidden desktops actually exist per se.
> (Representations of windows on hidden desktops might exist in the desktop
> switcher, but that's all.) If you're viewing Desktop 1, then all windows
> on Desktops 2..n are told to hide themselves (as if they had been
> completely overlaid by another window). When you switch from Desktop
> 1 to Desktop 2, all windows on Desktop 1 are told to hide themselves,
> and all those on Desktop 2 are told to redraw themselves because they
> are no longer overlaid/hidden/whatever.
>> Can a combination of several virtual desktop be grabbed as a screenshot?
> Not unless you cycle through the Desktops in turn, grabbing the active
> one as you go. See any of the 3D Window Managers (e.g. metisse fvwm) for
> an implementation of this rather ugly process.
> [...Later...] Hmm, I guess you might be able to do something with a
> virtual framebuffer (such as a vncserver), and I'm pretty sure I saw a
> redirector application that allowed an X11 program running on one display
> to be moved to another display. If you also copied its position and depth
> attributes this might work. Interesting possibilities arise... maybe.
> Chris

Thank  you,  Chris. I guess I never thought about the aspiration  of  this
desktop  environment to be efficient (KDE is greedy) and thus re-draw ele-
ments  on  the screen rather than set them aside. Having said  that,  when
switching  from one desktop to another, the applications sometimes  appear
immediately,  as does the wallpaper image. It's almost as if not only  are
the invisible windows kept in RAM, but they also reside in some form of an
extended frame buffer which can then 'channelled' to the monitor; no pause

I  guess I should give up on this escapade. I have seen (and wrote  about)
Metisse  a few times before and I am also aware of the revolving 3-D  cube
of  virtual desktops. These cannot solve the problem I am trying to tackle
(remote  supervision)  and,  while they are astounding eye  candies,  they
aren't available for KDE or GNOME (the former at least), so I am reluctant
to  explore these further. Your last suggestions are interesting  nonethe-
less and I will see if they lead me somewhere.

Many thanks again,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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