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Re: KDE Forums

__/ [William Poaster] on Wednesday 14 December 2005 19:55 \__

> Once upon a Wed, 14 Dec 2005 17:17:13 +0000 dreary, as I laboured tired &
> weary, came a tapping at my door when Gordon posted this, & nothing
> more...
>> Roy Schestowitz scribed thusly:
>>> __/ [Gordon] on Wednesday 14 December 2005 11:55 \__
>>>> are there any mailing lists for KDE /users/ as opposed to developers?
>>>> I've tried googling for any but can only find lists for developers. The
>>>> KDE forums on the web don't seem to be used very much. Well, not for
>>>> KMail or Konqueror, anyway.....seems most of the posts are about Kopete
>>>> and Kontact/Korganizer!
>>> I find comp.windows.x.kde to be rather useful. It's a newsgroup, which
>>> you could  consider to be a forum by all means and is easier to manage
>>> than  a mailing lists. It boasts a small yet friendly community and the
>>> traffic is rather  low.  Either  way, you are likely to get your
>>> questions  answered there. KDE users, as well as developers lurk and
>>> participate.
>>> Hope it helps,
>>> Roy
>> Thanks  - I was alerted to this by another poster and have already found
>> some solutions I was looking for there!

Yes, I soon realised it. It's the odd followup-to field which had that answer
escape my vision. It is worth avoiding Groups/followup-to differences. Some
posters never see their replies and must subscribe to other groups.

> gmane.comp  http://gmane.org/  have a lot of kde groups, among them are
> general groups like:-
> gmane.linux.suse.kde
> gmane.comp.kde.debian
> gmane.comp.kde.general
> gmane.comp.kde.linux
> gmane.comp.kde.look
> There is also:
> opensuse.org.suse-linux.support.kde

For some reason, I could never connect to Gmane, which is a shame. No
connection to them can be obtained (and I tried several times in the past).


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