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Re: (Article) Newsweek on SEO

__/ [davidof] on Monday 12 December 2005 11:48 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> http://msnbc.msn.com/id/10415455/site/newsweek/
>> "If search-engine rankings are supposed to represent a kind of
>> democracy--a reflection of what Internet users collectively think is most
>> useful--then search-engine optimizers like Fishkin are the Web's
>> lobbyists. High-priced and in some cases slyly unethical, SEOs try to
>> manipulate the unpaid search results that help users navigate the
>> Internet. Their goal is to boost their clients' (and in some cases their
>> own) sites to the top of unpaid search-engine rankings--even if their true
>> popularity doesn't warrant that elevated status."
> Not a bad article as far as anything in Newsweek goes. Did you catch the
> /. discussion? - for nerds the majority of /.ers don't seem to know much.

The discussion over at Matt Cutts' blog seems worthwhile:


He published that item before /. grabbed the 'scoop'. Also, Matt himself was
involved in fragments of that article (indirectly).

> Fishkin looks like Ringo Star.

I better know Ringo Star's appearance in his older days. The beatles predate

>> Ironically, the the site which hosts this article rel="nofollow"s all the
>> links at the top. What would they do that for if not for SEO purposes?
> Good point, they are nofollowing their standard links such as the RSS
> feed, signup so those essentially worthless pages don't pick up PR rank.

I actually pointed that out in this newsgroup before, but I can't recall the
context. I am certain that MSNBC.com are among the only ones to adopt that
practice. I see it clearly as it's highlighted in red. It makes it an unfair
game ,in my humble opinion, and you would have thought that Microsoft-NBC
ought to play nice, being a large player.

I guess that rel="nofollow" is becoming a fundamental factor in Web design --
somewhat of a necessary skill.


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