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Re: Nokia and Open Source

__/ [Mark Kent] on Monday 12 December 2005 16:06 \__

> begin  oe_protect.scr
> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>> __/ [Andres  Baravalle] on Monday 12 December 2005 12:10 \__
>>> Hi,
>>> I have seen (many times) reference in the press to Nokia's open source
>>> projects. The web site http://opensource.nokia.com/ lists some
>>> projects, but I could not find any code released.
>>> Does anyone knows if they are just developing on the top of open source
>>> projects, or if they are actually releasing open source software?
>>> Thanks,
>>>    Andres
>> I wondered the same thing myself. The Nokia 770 has adopted Debian to
>> create a mobile operating system that is quite nifty. However, to what
>> extent will it be available for others to use? Will it require a licence
>> to be purchased from Nokia? And if so, how legal/ethical is that? I don't
>> know the answer, but this sounds like Google to me.
> Debian cannot require a licence from Nokia.

I suspect that Google use Debian for their GBoxes, but I am not too sure. If
that's the case, one wonders if they will exploit Ubuntu in due time.

>> http://code.google.com/
>> Don't get your hopes up. They primarily give API-related code. You can't
>> penetrate their valuable bits of code.
> I'm very keen to get my hands on a 770.  When I do, I'll let you know.

Let's wait until some developers use the SDK to construct a Personal
Information Manager (PIM) for the Nokia. Until then, it seems rather
pointless and I am not alone in thinking this. Also, I don't believe there
is a trivial method for data synchronisation and backup.

A community must grow around the Nokia 770 for the unit to become highly
marketable. I wonder if something like pssh for Palm (PuTTY originally) will
be made available for the Nokia 770. Put X-forwarding on top of that and
I'll call that Nirvana.


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