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Re: Song

__/ [Samz] on Friday 16 December 2005 04:36 \__

> David wrote:
>> Did you not notice the "Sig Heil!!! Sig Heil!!!" or are you just being
>> your usual hypocritical self?
>> Roy Schestowitz do you really want to be associated with the Nazis?
>> Very, very sad.
>> David
> I wasn't sig heiling the nazis I was sig heiling you Dave after reading
> all those horrible nasty vicious and arrogant things you wrote about
> Roy. Sounded a lot like some other nasty vicious things that a certain
> infamous nazi with a funny moustache said years ago about a certain
> group of people. When the shoe fits wear it by all means and expect some
> BS in return. Your problem Dave is that seem to think there is only one
> right way to SEO and the one right way is your way and that's your
> problem along with you not being able to handle any differences of
> opinion from other or criticisms from others. Your ego is too inflated
> and you need to de-flate a bit if you want to win friends and influence
> people.

Thanks for the defence. It's much very appreciated because I had no inten-
tion  spending  more time on this. I often wonder why I ended up  spending
time  stroking  the  keyboard for a notorious man to read. This  will,  in
fact, be my last post on this topic.

Mucking one's name doesn't take much effort and given Dave's details, e.g.

   David Law
   PO Box 446
   Grimsby, DN32 7WZ

it  doesn't take much to spoil 'reputation' or hurt feelings. By following
the  path  which  Dave has chosen to take, not only has he  destroyed  the
parts of the World Wide Web, but also he offended many people who stood in
his way and politely tried to persuade him that what he did was unethical.
Some  stepped aside (no need to mention names here), but in the  meantime,
even though I opted for silence, somebody chose to stip up 'noise' and at-
tack a certain someone with derogatory subject lines. Fine. I join an end-
less list of people who stand for something, e.g.


There  is  no need to repeat the arguments and I don't feel  like  writing
lengthy  posts. The trails are there to be found. If I wanted, I could use
acquaintances  with Google staff (including a top executive) and provide a
list  of splogs and the many corresponding domains that Dave owns. I  have
no  interest in that though, but I suggest that Dave ponders what his work
contributed (or conversely -- how it added corruption) to cyberspace.

Again I say, I'm off this topic for good.


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