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Re: T5 Power Button

__/ [Paul G] on Tuesday 20 December 2005 18:19 \__

> "Paul G" <pgloe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:NpUpf.39979$L7.16324@xxxxxxxxxxx
>> it amazes me how after all these years, there are still problems this
>> simple to avoid.
>> When I purchased the first "slider" Tungsten, I couldn't believe it
>> had screen and digitizer problems. I was so frustrated, I went to an
>> iPAQ. Returned to Palm, and won't again.
>> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:do845m$ces$3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> __/ [Toby Newman] on Saturday 17 December 2005 18:05 \__
>>>> On 2005-12-17, Paul G <pgloe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>> The power button on my one year old T5 has decided to stop working.
>>>>> Other than carrying it out on a very cold day this week, it's life
>>>>> has
>>>>> been uneventful.
>>>>> Any ideas? Resets do nothing.
>>>>> Sad, but the worst Palm I've owned as far as little annoying bugs.
>>>>> Thanks
>>>> My old T|E power button failed after about 3/4 yr usage.
>>>> I could still turn it on using the other buttons, so to begin with,
>>>> I
>>>> did that.
>>>> After some frustration, I opened it up to see inside. The power
>>>> button
>>>> is very badly designed. Considering it gets pressed in ~30 times a
>>>> day,
>>>> it's attached to a microswitch which is held to the PCB using only
>>>> solder.
>>>> One time I must have pressed it too hard and the solder joint
>>>> ripped,
>>>> taking some PCB up with it.
>>>> I looked at the joint under a magnifying glass but it was so tiny I
>>>> couldn't see what it was supposed to be like. Luckily, I work at a
>>>> technical company so I asked a friend at work to look at it and he
>>>> re-wired the power switch and covered the whole corner of the
>>>> motherboard in strong glue.
>>>> It worked fine (fine = better than when I first bought it!) ever
>>>> since.
>>>> Now I'm onto a T|X, and the power button already feels a bit
>>>> squishy.
>>>> :-/
>>> Both  my Tugsten T and the M130 lost touch with of the power button
>>> quite
>>> quickly. Other people have reported a similar problem. Maybe if we
>>> got rid
>>> of  all  the other physical buttons, Palm would have a  compelling
>>> enough
>>> reason  to re-work their electronic design. They seems to have not
>>> learned
>>> the lesson yet if the T-5 exhibits the same issue.
>>> Roy
>>> --
>>> Roy S. Schestowitz
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> btw...the 505 was the best...should have kept that one :(

I wish I had kept my M130 for longer. It was doing everything that I do at
the moment, but had a stunning faceplace, was lighter, minor digitizer is-
sues I could live with.

Noone  uses it at the moment. My dad jokes about the fact that it's charg-
ing  at the cradle, but never touched by anyone. What a waste. If my Tung-
sten broke, I think I'd step back to the M130 rather than upgrade.


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