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Re: This is ridiculous...

  • Subject: Re: This is ridiculous...
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 06:08:36 +0000
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__/ [Jim Anderson] on Wednesday 21 December 2005 01:11 \__

> In article <b80qf.27723$8v6.9855@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
> n1ckd0bb@xxxxxxxxxxxx says...
>> "Jim Anderson" <fro2750@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:MPG.1e1243ead3ce656c9896ba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> > In article <OY_pf.2952$Nl4.883@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>> > n1ckd0bb@xxxxxxxxxxxx says...
>> >> ...how can the Z22 not have any options on it to set up a network? Is
>> >> it not
>> >> possible to even try to get this wretched thing connected to the
>> >> Internet with an IrDA mobile phone?
>> >
>> > Yes it is possible, but you have to be able to read.
>> Read what? The damn thing isn't offering me any options to configure a
>> network. Connection, yes, but network, no. The manual (Chapter 18) says
>> you can do it but gives no guidance as to how. Putting the version of
>> Phone Link on it as Palm have suggested doesn't work (I'm not convinced
>> Phone Link is any kind of replacement or provision of 'core' network setup
>> anyway). Nothing on the CD-ROM or the Palm website provides any add-ins or
>> patches. Having owned a PocketPC, Zire 21, m105, Psion Revo etc. and
>> (usually after pulling a fair bit of hair out) got all of them to work
>> happily with GPRS, I feel I have some idea of what I'm doing, but the Z22
>> isn't even letting me get my foot in the door.
> Why look for network you are trying to CONNECT to a PHONE not a network.
> Find the Prefs app and run it.
> Scroll down to connections -={OR}=- phone (either will work) and tap on
> it, select IR to your type of phone.
> Just like it says in the manual.
> Once connected to the phone you can do what ever you want, start your
> web browser to browse the web. Start the Hotsync app to do a Hotsync.
> Start SMS to SMS. Start Realplayer to download music. start a UseNet
> browser to get usnet messages. start the email app to get email. what
> ever you want.
> and none of it has anything to do with network settings, because you are
> not connecting to a network you are connecting to a phone.

Very old models have that option, so surely it must exist, provided that you
have a visible IR port at the top of the unit. You need only search for the
right option rather than get vexed.

Hope it helps,


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