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Re: small accounting software?

__/ [central77] on Wednesday 21 December 2005 09:23 \__

> Some advice please guys:
> I am about to migrate my business accounts from Win2k to Suse (I feel the
> time has come). This is for a small company, VAT registered, with low-ish
> turnover so now massive reporting controls. At the moment everything is
> done in Excel as simple ledgers (just like cash books) with vat calcs done
> in seperate columns, spend and income types coded etc etc.
> I could just move the whole thing across to one of the spreadsheets that
> comes with the DVD but I'd actually like to take the opportunity to
> 'upgrade' to something a litle more professional.
> Any thoughts positive or negative appreciated.

Why  not use Calc of OpenOffice 2? I have not experienced a great deal  of
OpenOffice 2 yet, but I have some experience handling other people's Excel
files  in OpenOffice 1. Everything can be imported flawlessly (even in the
antiquated  version  1). This includes 3-D figures, complex  formulae  and
more.  I  am also very impressed with the ability of OpenOffice 1 to  open
PowerPoint presentations that incorporate Office 2003 elements.

SuSE  9.3 and later versions come with OpenOffice 2 albeit a beta  version
at times.

Hope it helps and good luck,


Roy S. Schestowitz
http://Schestowitz.com  |    SuSE Linux     |     PGP-Key: 0x74572E8E
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