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Re: 2 Domains & 1 Website

__/ [Big Bill] on Thursday 08 December 2005 23:02 \__

> On Thu, 8 Dec 2005 15:50:19 -0600, Terry <gobeyondgobeyond@xxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>>Say I have 2 domains: www.2-this.com and www.To-this.com.  I want to
>>have both domains to reach the same website.  If I get a web host to
>>host the site under the domain www.2-this.com, what should I do to have
>>the www.To-this.com pointing to the same site?
>>The domain registrar offers the "forward domain" service.  I can also
>>have the domain name parked at the web host so that it points to the
>>site.  I wonder which method is preferred by the search engines or if
>>there is any difference at all.
>>Thanks in advance!
> You need a 301 redirect but I'm not the boy to tell you how to do it
> as I'm struggling to implement one myself just now.

I  know somebody (a relative actually) who was in a similar situation.  He
set  up a site, which was in fact subsite on chiroweb.com. He bought a do-
main name of his own and had it point to the subsite on Chiroweb.

Judging  by  PageRank, there appears to be no penalty. I don't know  about
traffic,  but content and number of pages play a role, of course. His  fa-
ther  gives him a link from a PageRank 4 page, as well as many other pages
with lesser ranks. The son gets a PR of 3, which is what I'd expect. There
appears to be no harm in embracing such practices. Also have a look at to-
day's item from Cutts:



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