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Re: Microsoft may face daily EU fine

__/ [Rick] on Thursday 22 December 2005 14:36 \__

> On Thu, 22 Dec 2005 02:32:41 -1100, FUD wrote:
>> begin   Roy Culley rgc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, wrote in message
>> viq73-3eo.ln1@xxxxxxxxxx:
>>> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4552214.stm
>>>    The European Commission has threatened to fine Microsoft up to 2m
>>>    euros ($2.4m) a day until it gives rivals more access to its
>>>    operating systems.
>> Why should it have to?
> Because the court said so.

...and because practices adopted by Microsoft are intended to cripple the
rival rather than offer added value.

>>>    Brussels said the software giant had failed to supply adequate
>>>    information about its server programmes.
>> How convenient? Don't state exactly what should be documented, then find
>> that whatever is supplied as inadequate. [Everybody want to see your
>> demise, please provide a blank cheque]
> Your premise is flawed.

What premise? He's pulling this out of his bottom.

>>>    Microsoft has five weeks to provide improved documentation before the
>>>    daily penalties are imposed.
>>>    The EU said it was "left with no alternative" after giving Microsoft
>>>    every chance to comply with its ruling.
>> Such moves, coercions, and exhaustion by the EU, will be found illegal
>> acts of revenue raising and attempts of dispossessing an owner of it right
>> to peaceful and quiet enjoyment of it property. The EU will be discredited
>> as thieves in pursuit of a cabal.
> In your pro-micro$oft opinion.
>> Nothing more than machination of the envious.

Read the article again. The EU is trying to run servers that are better and
enable them to communicate with those pretentious machines that refuse to
say a word. It sounds like close-source vanity or discrimination to me.


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