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Re: Page rank metrics: how to advance to 5/10

__/ [Sandy.Pittendrigh@xxxxxxxxx] on Thursday 22 December 2005 15:50 \__

> I have a fishing-related website (http://montana-riverboats.com)
> that has a page rank of 4/10
> So I'd like to know what I have to do to get a 5/10 rating.
> I know the general rules of thumb:
> 1) write valid html
> 2) include information-rich text content on each page
> 3) get more links to my site, somehow, someway
> I just wonder if there are any milestone metrics to work with.
> 1) how do I determine how many incoming links I already have?

Try  searching 'link:http://<your_site>' in Google or Yahoo. It will  give
you a rough indication. Yahoo lists many many more links than Google.

I  recently read an article which stresses why you should not go by  back-
links  or even PageRank. Relevancy is a more important factor for incoming

> 2) how do I determine how many more I will need to achieve
>     a page rank of 5/10?

Where  do you want the PageRank 5? The front page? Where will the incoming
links  go to? How is your site structured? How many pages does it contain?
There are too many factors to consider. Earn ranks to gain traffic and not
to  impress the small number of visitors that have toolbars installed  and
arrive at the front page.

Hope it helps,


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