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Re: Complicated question with regard to using two palms

__/ [Beat Army] on Thursday 22 December 2005 08:09 \__

> I have a Tungsten T and a Life Drive.
> I wish to continue to use and synch the Tungsten T in addition to using and
> synching the Life Drive and have different applications, contacts, memos on
> each.
> So, say I install the new desktop application and get the Life Drive up and
> running.  The Life Drive then becomes the PDA that is synch'd up when I Hot
> Synch.
> If I then wish to install a new .prc file on the Tungsten T but not on the
> Life Drive or vicea versa, how would the associated conduits work?
> I suspect that I will need to have a second 'user' setup (and/or profile?)
> Then can there be a different contact list for each palm?  Different memos,
> etc.?  How would I chose which Palm is sync'd when I Hot Synch?
> Any insight anyone can give me would be appreciated.
> Thanks!

In principle, I understand that (please correct me if there are misconcep-
tions)  you  want to have PIM data synchronised among the desktop and  the
two PDA's. You also want to be able to take advantage of large storage ca-
pacity  on  the LifeDrive without 'choking' the Tungsten T. This is  chal-

Possible  solution: when installing files or software, the files 'pop' off
the  installation  stack. This means that if you install  something,  make
sure  it is the LifeDrive that's subsequently synchronised. As for keeping
PIM  data  in sync., make sure you synchronise often enough to  ensure  no
conflicts among the two PDA's arise. This can turn out to be difficult de-
pending on what data you synchronise, the amount of data, and the frequen-
cy of synchronisations.

Hope it helps,


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