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Re: Complicated question with regard to using two palms

__/ [Beat Army] on Friday 23 December 2005 10:17 \__

> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:dogenb$1t6h$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> __/ [Beat Army] on Thursday 22 December 2005 08:09 \__
>>> I have a Tungsten T and a Life Drive.
>>> I wish to continue to use and synch the Tungsten T in addition to using
>>> and
>>> synching the Life Drive and have different applications, contacts, memos
>>> on
>>> each.
>>> So, say I install the new desktop application and get the Life Drive up
>>> and
>>> running.  The Life Drive then becomes the PDA that is synch'd up when I
>>> Hot
>>> Synch.
>>> If I then wish to install a new .prc file on the Tungsten T but not on
>>> the
>>> Life Drive or vicea versa, how would the associated conduits work?
>>> I suspect that I will need to have a second 'user' setup (and/or
>>> profile?)
>>> Then can there be a different contact list for each palm?  Different
>>> memos,
>>> etc.?  How would I chose which Palm is sync'd when I Hot Synch?
>>> Any insight anyone can give me would be appreciated.
>>> Thanks!
>> In principle, I understand that (please correct me if there are misconcep-
>> tions)  you  want to have PIM data synchronised among the desktop and  the
>> two PDA's. You also want to be able to take advantage of large storage ca-
>> pacity  on  the LifeDrive without 'choking' the Tungsten T. This is  chal-
>> lenging.
>> Possible  solution: when installing files or software, the files 'pop' off
>> the  installation  stack. This means that if you install  something,  make
>> sure  it is the LifeDrive that's subsequently synchronised. As for keeping
>> PIM  data  in sync., make sure you synchronise often enough to  ensure  no
>> conflicts among the two PDA's arise. This can turn out to be difficult de-
>> pending on what data you synchronise, the amount of data, and the frequen-
>> cy of synchronisations.
>> Hope it helps,
>> Roy
> Thank you.  Do you think I could manage the difficulties with the use of
> different user names or different profiles and then manually beam calendar,
> contacts, memos between the two?
> Appreciate your time!

It depends on the complexity of your data and the time you are willing to put
in. A Palm2Palm 'BeamSync' would have been nice, but I am not aware of any
product that would achieve this.

Have a nice holiday,


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