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Re: hotsync problems - Zire 71

__/ [araknyd] on Friday 23 December 2005 03:30 \__

> I installed the palm desktop software on my win XP Pro system to sync
> my zire 71.  When I press the sync button, the zire connects to the
> PC, I get the hotsync box, but right after that, I get an error
> message that my desktop was not set up for network sybncing,  My PC &
> the zire are set up for local & USB sync only.  Every time i get the
> error message, I cancel out & check the settings again.

Where do you check them? In Windows XP, have you looked under the context
menu in the system tray icon? Also, when re-installing the desktop software,
did you fully remove everything that used to exist first? What about the
Zire-side? Check you HotSync settings. Failing that, I suggest you
synchronise with a foreign computer, just for peace of mind.

> I installed
> the 3.4 version of destop & get the same results.  This is getting
> buggy.  I don't know where else to check these settings.  Can some
> kind soul help me.  TIA

Have you tried the latest version? Could it be that Service Packs broke

Enjoy the holiday,


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