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Re: Novel's Linux strategy

__/ [7] on Saturday 24 December 2005 02:19 \__

> Novel's Linux strategy is now to offer a migration
> tool to migrate all of their enterprise products
> to Linux and support it.
> Now, having heard this, I was going to poke fun
> at a few suits with this stick, but it failed miserably.
> They simply said its time to look at this seriously.
> I was planning a long drawn out poke fun sessions
> and it all went pear shaped and I lost all my fun poking time.
> <sulk!> <sulk!> <sulk!>

Sometimes, a stick is no longer what you need. When there is a complelling
reason  as well as evidence to support a migration, advocacy is no  longer
necessary. I once had a go at a few suits, but the University's loveaffair
with  Dell  Computers stood in the way. The Computer Science, Physics  and
Maths  departments are Linux. The backroom servers are also *nix. The real
fight  is  over the public clusters (the 'Dell component'). Some  people's
long obsession with Word and Photoshop stands in the way.

More  on more people on campus go for dual-boot though. SuSE is a  popular
choice. At the front desk we have a stack of Ubuntu CD's. Here's to a year
when Linux becomes mainstream in the user-facing area. Vista? I think not.



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