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Re: Happy Holidays

__/ [Malware Magnet] on Sunday 25 December 2005 15:17 \__

>> Merry Christmas, Malware. Better luck with the trolls next time... *smile*
>> You should be renamed Troll Magnet next year.
> LOL! Indeed - however, this was my intent from the beginning (more on that
> in a minute).
> Trolls mindlessly flock to me almost as much as MS :-)
> I obviously unnerved the dullard who posts from I (and
> others) have repeatedly revealed the idiocy behind Erik F.'s and billwg's
> fabrications. And we're all on to flatfish and his relentless delusions.
> I know... I know... the best solution would be to completely ignore them.
> But they post their nonsense knowing it will result in search engine hits.
> My intent?
> I thought I'd return the favor. Typing malware magnet into a search engine
> - even from msn.com, returns enough to satisfy my objective.
> I'll help proliferate this search term through several blogs/feedback
> threads (such as on that idiot George Ou's crapfest) and other assorted
> bulletin boards and chat rooms. Simply posting something like "Windows is
> such a magnet for malware" is all it takes. "Magnet for malware" returns my
> posts at #4 or #5 on Google and #3 on MSN.
> Merry Christmas :-)

My Christmas gift to you:


Call him what you will...

  Steve Malware

  Steve Blubber 

  Steve Blammer

  Steve Balder

  or even just $teve

__/ [Linønut] on Sunday 25 December 2005 15:43 \__

> [...]
> Bill Gates secretly uses Linux.
> Bill Gates secretly loves Linux.
> Believe it, or not.

Of course ( http://www.schestowitz.com/Amusement/gates-on-linux/ ). *smile*


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