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Re: Locked Out - NOT PWD Issue

__/ [Blinky the Shark] on Monday 26 December 2005 07:37 \__

> Mandriva 2006, clean install.
> After a couple days of normal operation...
> Summary:
> User blinky can't log into a KDE or Gnome session.
> User blinky *can* log into a console session.
> The login scren does not return the "Login Failed." error message
> beneath the usr/pwd entry boxes that it does when I intentionally
> enter a bad pwd.  I'm simply returned to the login screen without
> any messages at all, after a couple-three screen flashes (that
> look like X is flailing about a bit).
> User root and user test can both su to blinky and do stuff in
> console.
> User blinky (500:500) looks okay in MCC users config.
> User blinky looks okay in /etc/pwd:
> blinky:x:blinky:500:500:blinky:/home/blinky:/bin/bash
> I've deleted user blinky and recreated him.  No change.
> Someone suggested deleting /home/blinky/.kde".  Even though I've
> noted that blinky can't log into Gnome, either, I did.  (What the
> hell -- as it sits, this installation is hosed anyway, eh?)  Other
> than KDE no longer being a choice for WM at login, no change.
> I'm getting stumpter by the day.  :)
> No takers?  Nobody ever seen this?  Time for another distro? I
> HOPE not!  I've been with Mandr* since 8.0.)

Have  you reinstalled yet? Maybe an arbitrary fluke? Any 'drop-back' to an
older  version  still possibility? I recall you running Mandriva 9.2  with
KDE  3.1. Is that correct? I used Mandrake 9.2 for 3 days (it was  pre-in-
stalled)  before it screwed the partitions table (maybe it was /my/ fault,
but  it didn't protect me from my own poor judgement). I could not reboot,
so  I  crosses over to Ubuntu. That one machine currently runs  SuSE  9.3,
which  I am very pleased with. I run SuSE at the University as well and no
problems  for  over 2 years. I hear good things about Mandriva,  but  make
your  own judgement. Have a YaSTastic Christmas (no recommendation intend-


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