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Re: Locked Out - NOT PWD Issue

__/ [Blinky the Shark] on Monday 26 December 2005 08:38 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [Blinky the Shark] on Monday 26 December 2005 07:37 \__
>>> Mandriva 2006, clean install.
>>> [snip]
>> Have  you reinstalled yet? Maybe an arbitrary fluke? Any
> No.  If we can't come up with a reason and a fix for this, it's
> serious enough that I'll reconsider staying with Mandr*.  If the
> only fix is a reinstallation of the OS, I'll go distribution
> shopping; that's just too much like Windows.  I don't *want* to,
> but I don't want to be waiting, every day, for the next
> lockout/reinstall cycle.  That's just wrong.

Some people are still waiting for the next version that adds something new:


>> 'drop-back' to an older  version  still possibility? I recall
> If you mean simply reinstalling an older version, sure it's a
> possibility.  But not one I wish to do, given that many programs
> depend on newer versions of toolkits and such that aren't
> happening in older releases.

I know what you mean. I have a 3+-year-old version of SuSE and it is proof
that old libraries are difficult to update and thus certain software cannot
be installed. The amount of customisation is what makes upgrade a deterrent.
It would be highly time-consuming, but probably worth the investment.
Meanwhile I installed the latest of SuSE elsewhere. Love it.

>> you running Mandriva 9.2  with KDE  3.1. Is that correct? I used
> Yeah.
>> Mandrake 9.2 for 3 days (it was  pre-in- stalled)  before it
>> screwed the partitions table (maybe it was /my/ fault, but  it
>> didn't protect me from my own poor judgement). I could not
>> reboot, so  I  crosses over to Ubuntu. That one machine
>> currently runs  SuSE  9.3, which  I am very pleased with. I run
>> SuSE at the University as well and no problems  for  over 2
>> years. I hear good things about Mandriva,  but  make your  own
>> judgement. Have a YaSTastic Christmas (no recommendation intend-
>> ed).
> I mentioned in the other thread where someone was dealing with
> this issue (unsucecssfully so far) with me that I had a shiny new
> DVD of SuSE 10.0 in the stack with my Mdr2006 CDs.  He had a
> horrible tale of warning about what sounds like very serious
> mount/unmounting issues with SuSE, that SuSE's developers were
> turning a blind eye to.

I have been on the SuSE newsgroup for quite some time and haven't come across
this. Honestly.

> I had ALL kinds of problems with USB in Mandrake 9.x.  I've played
> with 2006 enough in the last few days (just not as blinky <g>) to
> see it doing a bang-up job with
> seeing/mounting/accessing./unmounting my scanner, my card reader
> (with SD, xD and CF cards), my camera (with xD and CF cards), an
> old Zip drive, and a Lexar jumpdrive.

[Fully aware that it's the wrong group for this to be posted:]

SuSE 9.3 recognised everything in my posession 'out of the box'.

-Palm Tungsten
-HP 2100 scanner
-Wheel mouse
-Monitor (once I set things correctly in the BIOS)

No command-line messiness. YaST did everything.

> OT:  I have an oddity with my BIOS -- in POST, it freezes on the
> first screen (Press ESC to skip memory test, Press DEL to enter
> BIOS, etc.) if I have *anything* plugged into USB.  That screen is
> never completely written.  Dead freeze; requires a power-off
> restart.  USB and I have sorta never got along well.  :)

I saw this last week on somebody's laptop. Perhaps BIOS attempts a USB reboot
first. It should freeze, but it's worth checking. Check which devices take
precedence in BIOS. It's usually floppy, ATAPI CD-ROM, then hard-drive or
network boot. Some modern hardware takes a step further and assumes USB
boots to be rather ordinary. Linux on your keychain might be the next
popular thing. Better than a live CD.

Best wishes,


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