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Re: How do I read referral logs?

John A. <no.john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dealing with leeches is easy & effortless once you've dealt with it
> initially. Just redirect any image with a referrer that's not approved
> to a small (byte-wise) ad image for your site.

Disadvantages: costs more trafic compared to forbidden
               people who use proxies, privacy software etc. don't get the

> Just be sure to count
> empty referrers, "file:...", "xxxx:..." etc. as approved referrers so
> you don't block direct browsing, local files, and "anonymous" browsers
> respectively.

Still misses a few out though. Some people use a fixed referer. Also 
translation services, Google images, etc. shouldn't be missed out.

> And don't forget all the variations on your server's
> hostname & domain.

Those shouldn't be there in the first place.

> Also remember to include your URL in the ad image
> since it won't be linking to you.

I wonder how effective this really is. It must be a wonderful image if I 
am going to type an url in my browser just to check out an add.

> Usually the leeches will catch on after their cache updates and either
> grab their own copy of the image or switch to leeching off someone
> else. There are a handful of blogs & personal sites out there, though,
> that have been giving us free advertising for some time now. >:)
> I was tempted to serve up something really embarrassingly disgusting
> like those goatse or tubgirl pics I hear tell of,

Ha ha ha, yeah, I hear a lot about those pictures too :-D.

> or something, but
> sometimes potential customers will email each other links to pics of
> our wares so that wouldn't have been wise.

Yup, one tiny mistake, and you might have tubgirl on your site for a day 
or so. You might be able to explain it as hacking, but still, a big big 

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