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Re: Hits and Pages

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Someone once leeched one logo I produced in Photoshop and used it as a
> remote avatar for his very extensive phpbb forum. He was the
> administrator. 

Yeah, I see two kind of leechers: the phpbb and similar forums. Sometimes 
they leech an image, and after some time it stops. I have less problems 
with that. The avatar usage is less funny. Moreover, sometimes you can't 
even check what they do with your image since you have to be registered.

> After warning him several times without positive outcomes, I changed
> the image with that of a small penis. Served him right! Much more fun
> than filing abuse.

Indeed. I had the same problem with boards2go. I warned, then I removed the 
image, but kept getting 404's in my error log. Then I decided to violate 
their TOS. I linked to a hot chick :-D (I am a too nice person to redirect 
to a goatse :-D ). It took a few days and then the image was gone.

What I really didn't like was the attidude of the board hoster: contact the 
admin of the board. Yeah, right, how? It's their site, hence their problem. 

She adviced me to use JavaScript. *sigh*

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