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Re: So this is why I get so much blog spam...

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> Viper wrote:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> William Tasso wrote:
>>>>  From the relative comfort of the Road Runner High Speed Online
>>>> http://www.rr.com boardroom, <blackcat2@gmail.com> patched in a new
>>>> connection to news:alt.www.webmaster and said:
>>>>> Saw this in an email newsletter as an ad:
>>>>> Blog yourself  $612 in the next 24 hours...
>>>>> Remember, for just $57.00 you can blast your ad to
>>>>> thousands of blogs with 1 click every day and, the
>>>>> best part is, there's nothing to download. You do it
>>>>> all, effortlessly, right from your web browser.
>>>>> blog my site dot com
>>>>> This explains a lot...
>>>> Aye - where there's muck there's brass - as they say.
>>> There appears to be some reduction since rel="nofollow" was issued.
>>> I might be wrong about this as there are misleading factors. What
>>> was that newsletter?
>>> Roy
>> The blog spamming is being sold by Maryanne Myers mmyers2k@yahoo.com
> So if that devil is conducting business, do you reckon I can pay
> money for that spam to come to an end. It is tempting to attack that
> E-mail account, but since it's owned by Yahoo, it's easily
> replaceable.
> Roy

I wont give her other email or the domain because some spammers reading this 
will end up paying her to let them spam blogs. But Maryanne Myers is a nasty 
person she runs a Yahoo spam list too. Says she has a million or so Yahoo 
and MSN/AOL emails that have opted in to her list. If you get spammed by one 
of her "affiliates" and complain she goes off and threatens to file a 
lawsuit against you.

Oh and she has lost a Paypal account in the past by running one of them 
"send $ to this email and $ to this one and youll be added to the 
randomizer" scams. Plus she has sold that IP spam thing that spams millions 
of IP addys.

Boycott Bravenet.com for spam support!
Suggest blocking - 

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