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Re: is palm OS dying?

  • Subject: Re: is palm OS dying?
  • From: "U. Lippke" <shorttext@gmx.net>
  • Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 17:35:13 +0200
  • Newsgroups: comp.sys.palmtops.pilot
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  • Reply-to: "U. Lippke" <textonly@gmx.net>
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> Opting for Pocket PC rather than Palm is like opting for Windows
> rather than UNIX,

IMO that's a narrowed viewpoint (maybe caused by reluctance concerning 
Microsoft/Windows). PalmOS as the PDA-equivalent to Unix? IMO not 
applicable, neither technically nor historically.

> - Palm is very simple to use
> - Palm is reliable

Sure. Using OS 4 I whole-heartedly agree.

> There are plenty of programs for *NIX out there and they are
> predominantly free and the development is open, flexible and
> negotiable.
> Oh, and guess what??? Palm are switching to UNIX.

Aren't they just switching to Linux/Unix *kernel*-wise?
My TV's digital settop-box might running more Linux than any Palm-Linux will 
ever reveal to the end-user...
Or as another try: I do not think that Palm-Linux will be in any way as 
useful Linux-wise for the end-user as an Xbox.
Isn't it just all about adressing hardware driver problems - benefiting the 
end-user in form of more 'usable' accessories and device options 
(hopefully)? Nothing to do with application development, as I was capable to 
substract ;-).


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