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Re: is palm OS dying?

  • Subject: Re: is palm OS dying?
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@schestowitz.com>
  • Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 07:53:56 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.sys.palmtops.pilot
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Scooterflex wrote:

> "RonB" <ronbNOSPAM@bliz.org> wrote in message
> news:Xns9672D7DAC820Fezboard1lycoscom@
>> On Sat 11 Jun 2005 07:29:42p, Bruno, wrote:
>> > I have been away from this group for awhile. I switched to the dark
>> > side, you know. Last week, I saw this beautiful new high-end Palm
>> > device, so I checked. Then I saw it is running PalmOS 5.4. What the
>> > heck is going on here? Will there *ever* be a PalmOS 6 device?
>> I'm trying to think what I'm "missing" by using my Palm 4.x and 3.5.x
>> devices. There's like, oh... five billion programs for them. I think Palm
>> kicked Windows CE ass because they offered an OS that didn't try to
>> include everything *plus* the kitchen sink. Less packed in the PDA, less
>> to go wrong. M$ Mobile isn't winning on merit -- it's catching up because
>> of corporate pack-ins (and probably under-the-table payoffs).
> Microsoft charges the developers to create apps for Windows Mobile (CE,
> Pocket PC... whatever you want to call it) devices. That's the main reason
> for the high price of apps for the Windows Mobile platform and also the
> main reason there are not many apps out there for it either. The last time
> I stopped by palmone.com and checked there were over 17,000 apps and a lot
> of them are free, WIndows Mobile on the other hand had about 3,000 and
> very few were free, if they worked at all since the apps are processor
> specific and there are a lot of different processors they used in those
> devices. I'm sure the count on Plam apps has greatly increased since then,
> it's been a while.
>> But that said, not everyone uses their PDAs for the same things. Perhaps
>> some folks want them to include "kitchen sinks." My Treo 300 does
>> everything I want (except for not using a Stowaway Keyboard). I think
>> there are many people who just want a simple PDA -- that's why so many
>> series IIIs and Vs continue to sell on eBay.

Opting for Pocket PC rather than Palm is like opting for Windows rather than
UNIX, but there are a few differences:

- Palm is very simple to use
- Palm is reliable

This, of course, isn't quite true since distros like Ubuntu and (maybe)
Fedora emerged.

There are plenty of programs for *NIX out there and they are predominantly
free and the development is open, flexible and negotiable.

Oh, and guess what??? Palm are switching to UNIX.


Roy S. Schestowitz

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