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Re: remembering post data

Troy Piggins wrote:

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Troy Piggins wrote:
>> The policy regarding remembering or not remembering values should
>> probably depend on:
>> 1) The browser

> Indeed this seems to be a large part of it.  We use Firefox on all
> workstations, and despite ticking the checkbox in
> options->privacy->saved form information to save form info entered into
> web pages, it does not work.
> However MS IE *does* remember the same data entered into the same pages.

If you have entire forms with open textboxes, this might be considered a
_bad_ behaviour. The Windows terminals that we have set up for students to
log in connection problems illustrate this issue. One can just press back
(In Explorer sadly) and see all the correspondence of the previous person
to use the terminal.

>> 2) The security level
> Not sure what you mean by this, unless you are referring to the security
> settings in MS IE - but we aren't having problems with that, only
> Firefox.

Yes, I was referring to that. Maybe Explorer is configured to be poor on
privacy. Try raising the bar and see what happens.

>> 3) The protocol, e.g. https, feeds, etc.
> It is just http.

No problem there then.

>> Since no values are contained in the source, the server should not
>> directly be involved, i.e. it should not send values back to the user
>> (unless you program it to do so).
>>> I am not sure if this is a html thing, or could be an apache thing.
>>> Is there a way for the form to 'remember' the data when you go back
>>> in history?
>> Try a range of different browsers and see how they behave.
> Done as mentioned above.  MS IE works fine, Firefox (preferred by me)
> does not :-(

"MS IE works fine"

Saving form values can also be interpreted as "does not work". Security
verus ease of use.

>>> I can provide further information if you need, but am not sure what
>>> is relevant - since I don't know if it is a web server thing or a
>>> html thing.  Obviously if it's the former, I'll look elsewhere unless
>>> someone can point me in the right direction quickly.
>> Having said all of that, I believe there might be an option (in the
>> page source) for 'remember', just as there is onefor 'hidden'. Let's
>> see what the others say...
> I don't know what you mean by 'page source' - do you mean the actual
> .php code?  Or the httpd server config files?

You can program something that will fetch the values at each step (assuming
a multi-page form-filling process). It can then send back the values to the
form. In other words, forms will be saved progressively rather than once --
upon completion.


Roy S. Schestowitz

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