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Re: remembering post data

  • Subject: Re: remembering post data
  • From: Troy Piggins <usenet@piggo.com>
  • Date: 23 May 2005 02:40:28 GMT
  • Newsgroups: alt.html
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* Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> Troy Piggins wrote:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> The policy regarding remembering or not remembering values should
>>> probably depend on:
>>> 1) The browser
>> Indeed this seems to be a large part of it.  We use Firefox on all
>> workstations, and despite ticking the checkbox in
>> options->privacy->saved form information to save form info entered
>> into web pages, it does not work.
>> However MS IE *does* remember the same data entered into the same
>> pages.
> If you have entire forms with open textboxes, this might be considered
> a _bad_ behaviour. The Windows terminals that we have set up for
> students to log in connection problems illustrate this issue. One can
> just press back (In Explorer sadly) and see all the correspondence of
> the previous person to use the terminal.

The forms I speak of are for generating faxes.  It is only a small
company, and security is not a risk in terms of someone going back in
history and seeing a fax someone else sent.  Unfortunately the large
open text box is the best way I could think of doing it.


>> Done as mentioned above.  MS IE works fine, Firefox (preferred by me)
>> does not :-(
>> "MS IE works fine" 
>         ^^^^^^^^^^

:-) I hear ya!  I meant it did what I wanted for a change.

> Saving form values can also be interpreted as "does not work".
> Security verus ease of use.

Yeah, in this case I want the latter, not the former.


>> I don't know what you mean by 'page source' - do you mean the actual
>> .php code?  Or the httpd server config files?
> You can program something that will fetch the values at each step
> (assuming a multi-page form-filling process). It can then send back
> the values to the form. In other words, forms will be saved
> progressively rather than once -- upon completion.

Might try that.  When I have some more time on weekends.

Thanks for all your help Roy.

T R O Y  P I G G I N S
e : usenet@piggo.com

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