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Re: Windows Vista and Feeds

On Tue, 01 Nov 2005 03:48:37 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

>>> Maybe longer? Same thing with chmod and superusers... Microsoft /pretend/
>>> they don't need it, but sooner or later they cave.
>> What are you talking about?  Windows has neither chmod or superusers.
> It works (/has worked) on equivalents after years of abstaining them. Sure it
> labels them differently. Re-naming is innovative, echoing is 'immitative'.

Umm.. no.  All accounts are the same in Windows.  There is no "superuser"
account.  Windows works entirely on a privileged based model.  The only
thing that makes an administrator account an admisitrator is if that
account is given that privilege.

Even so, an Administrator isn't a superuser.  He can't bypass security.
All ACL's apply to him, just as they would any other user.  He can change
permissions, but the account does not disregard them, unlike userid 0
(usually root) on Linux.

And, I might add, that this is nothing new.  NT has *ALWAYS* had this, for
the last 12 years.

>>> Last year Ballmer said that RSS is nonesense and had no future. Oh,
>>> look... IE7 supports RSS and Vista includes it at /kernel level/... oh!
>>> and one more thing: they decided to 'extend' RSS. Once again: embrace,
>>> extend, and extinguish.
>> Now you're just making this stuff up.  Vista doesn't do anything related to
>> RSS at a kernel level, and Balmer said "RSS isn't huge, but it's
>> important".
> You need to read your beloved company's press releases more carefully. Now
> I'll need to spend a few minutes getting you some links and soft
> references... *sigh*
> http://www.pcworld.com/news/article/0,aid,121590,00.asp
> <snip>
> "Microsoft is planning to extend the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) standard
> to better support the publishing of ordered lists of information, a company
> spokesperson says."
> </snip>
> See Robert Scoble's blog (which is a URL mess of numbers) to find his
> arguments with Ballmer over the future of RSS. This goes many months back.

In other words, you can't actually substantiate what you said.

> As regards feeds in the Vista (Longhorn at the time) kernel, I can vividly
> recall reading about it. I also read many critiques where people mocked that
> decision.

Or, more likely, you read speculation by some people, and then you read
comments on the speculation by others.

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