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Re: Windows Vista and Feeds

__/ [Erik Funkenbusch] on Tuesday 01 November 2005 03:23 \__

> On Tue, 01 Nov 2005 01:59:53 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> Why is it that so many Linux advocates seem to think everything in Unix
>>>> was invented in Linux?
>> What's your point? Did I mention Linux at all? I was talking about
>> /innovation/. Stay on topic.
> For crying out loud, look at the *TITLE* of the thread you created.  Yes,
> you did mention Linux.

You're right, I'll give you that one. Regardless, it is irrelevant to the
main point which is /innovation/.

>>>> Symbolic links predate Linux by at least a decade, so please don't go
>>>> being condescending about being innovative.
>>> Quit whining. You're just annoyed that Linux got there before MS. By
>>> what, 12 years?
>> Maybe longer? Same thing with chmod and superusers... Microsoft /pretend/
>> they don't need it, but sooner or later they cave.
> What are you talking about?  Windows has neither chmod or superusers.

It works (/has worked) on equivalents after years of abstaining them. Sure it
labels them differently. Re-naming is innovative, echoing is 'immitative'.

>> Last year Ballmer said that RSS is nonesense and had no future. Oh,
>> look... IE7 supports RSS and Vista includes it at /kernel level/... oh!
>> and one more thing: they decided to 'extend' RSS. Once again: embrace,
>> extend, and extinguish.
> Now you're just making this stuff up.  Vista doesn't do anything related to
> RSS at a kernel level, and Balmer said "RSS isn't huge, but it's
> important".

You need to read your beloved company's press releases more carefully. Now
I'll need to spend a few minutes getting you some links and soft
references... *sigh*


"Microsoft is planning to extend the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) standard
to better support the publishing of ordered lists of information, a company
spokesperson says."

See Robert Scoble's blog (which is a URL mess of numbers) to find his
arguments with Ballmer over the future of RSS. This goes many months back.

As regards feeds in the Vista (Longhorn at the time) kernel, I can vividly
recall reading about it. I also read many critiques where people mocked that


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