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Re: What happened to the beloved alt.internet.search-engines?

__/ [Jez] on Tuesday 01 November 2005 12:15 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> I don't know about the remainder of the 'regulars', but I have noticed
>> this group becoming somewhat of an alt.2600 in recent days. What is going
>> on? I hope it's just a temporary slide. I notice that it is not just me
>> who has remained quiet and opted for littler involvement.
>> Yours faithfully...
> It's because no one discusses SEO or search engines much, and some of
> those that haven't left don't seem to know what they are talking about.
> People probably go to places like Digital Point Forums (or any number of
> decent places where such things are discussed) where every thread
> doesn't descend into an massive argument ending with a ritual <plonk>
> Jez.

UseNet  isn't  dead  yet, but I agree that many groups have  descended  to
<plonks>,  flamewars or ever-lasting silence. In fact, it seems as  though
80% of the groups (at least 80% as it's practically much more) are dormant
or  dead  and the rest are filled with 'noise', off-topic  discussions  or
unanswered parent posts which are very genuine and relevant.

I  actually think that in the past year, the amount of spam in UseNet  has
decreased.  Maybe  I'm under some sort of illusion or maybe I just  unsub-
scribed from newsgroups where spam levels were unbearable.

I  really  hope Web-based forums don't take the thunder away from  UseNet.
Such  forums are bound to be moderated (posts deleted), they might reach a
point  of demise (disappearance) and are inclined to the will of the  Web-
master. Some have complained about Brett from WMW.


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