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Re: AISE FAQ (was What happened to the beloved alt.internet.search-engines?)

__/ [Davémon] on Tuesday 01 November 2005 17:35 \__

> Ok, so this is a reaction to the whole thread so far, not just Roys
> initial post.
> Why not start a FAQ project?
> Why I think a AISE FAQ would be good:
> Regulars might not have to repeat the same "Dynamic, Frames, URL,
> Keywords in the Title, body, links." advice that all us nooboids need.
> Focused debate on concepts such as 'bad neighbourhoods', 'sandboxing'. I
> know not everyone would agree with the exact content, but these things
> should rightly be discussed as 'theoretical', with pointers out to
> whatever evidence exists both for and against them.

The only problem I can foresee is scale. There is plenty of ground to cover
and it cannot fit within a digestable post. How about a FAQ post which
contains many links to mirrors, as well as brief answers?

> A system for labeling (tagging?) posts as being for different specific
> purposes can be quite useful i.e.: [SEO] seo advice, [Help] help
> requests, Observations [Obs], Theory [Theory], Information Politics
> [Googlenazis], [Announce] New Search Engine Announcement, or the suchlike.

Would that not intimidate/confuse non-regulars? I suppose not...

> Personally I'd like it to avoid any discussion of black-hat techniques
> or 'SEO-spam', and instead focus on observation, research and behaviors.
> Also the decription of the group is "Internet search engines and related
> topics", not Search Engine Optimisation, so shouldn't /just/ be about
> SEO...

I agree. In my mind, due to the nature of the question, this appears to be an
SEO forum. It also discusses search engines, but usually in the context of
(improving) site rankings, made-up links and the like.

> The FAQ should probably get posted once a month by a regular. Oh and it
> should probably have one or two web mirrors?

Since all of us should be (or have the opportunity to be) involved in writing
such a FAQ, which should be posted fortnightly or monthly, how about setting
up a Wiki where that repeatedly-posted FAQ can be built and continuously
updated? I'd happily volunteer.


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