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Re: PalmOS

__/ [Omar] on Tuesday 01 November 2005 09:38 \__

> Hello there,
> I've been following the interesting thread about why/and why not/ PalmOS,
> Symbian, Windows Mobile, Linux.
> But I am not interested in phones. I am planning (but now I have to say
> that may be I was ...) to buy a Palm Lifedrive unit. Along the thread it's
> said that PalmOS is dead, but it seems to me that some hope it's given to
> it. Can anybody explain why PalmOS is dead an how can we give some
> hope to it?

Are you aware that this might trigger an endless thread that goes nowhere?
By  no means if this a complaint, but I suggest you read any of the  thou-
sands of messages or fine-written articles on Pocket PC versus PalmOS ver-
sus  Linux, Symbian, etc. These controversies are nowadays raised or  dis-
cussed  just  about  as often as the  Linux/Mac/Windows  or  Frame/Noframe
div/table disagreements.

If  you  ask me personally, PalmOS is not dead apart from in the minds  of
those who wish to believe it.

> I read about the PalmOs gearing efforts towards Linux; to me it seams a
> good way to reduce the OS development costs, and, plus, having a reliable
> platform. Thus, from my newby point of view, it should assure a more
> focused effort towards developing usefull features. From what I know,
> PalmOS still owns the biggest part of PDA OSs.

According  to some statistics I have seen, that is true. As for the  Linux
migration,  I have not seen much progress and the Access takeover makes me
somewhat  skeptic. Nonetheless, I look forward to better Palm-Linux  inte-


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