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Re: Percentage Difference between AdWords and AdSense?

__/ [christian9997@xxxxxxxxxxx] on Tuesday 01 November 2005 14:47 \__

> Hi
> Google seem to be quite secretive about this so I am wondering if
> anyone has tried estimating the percentage Google charges for a link.
> For example if I have two marketing websites: a.com and b.com
> If I create a an AdWords campaign on website a.com for the word
> "marketing" (let's suppose I am charged 10 cents per click) If I put
> AdSense links on website b.com and someone clicks on the link to
> website a.com. How much will b.com receive for the click?
> If b.com receives 1 cent then that means Google is charging a 90%
> commission, if b.com receives 2 cents then Google is charging an 80%
> commission...
> Has someone worked this out?
> Thanks

I  think (am almost certain) that it's dynamic as somebody must have  men-
tioned  this before. I don't think it's the typical "50-50 situation"  be-
cause when business is done, common sense or norms do not always equate to
profits, as dictated by analysts and other clowns in suits.

In  your message you describe a form of experiment, which on paper  sounds
like a good case study, but...

Some  adverts  pay $5 per click... some just pay 5 cents. The share  would
differ depending on a wide range of factors, I suppose. If a customer from
India followed a link to an American site offering a GMC, would that be as
worthy  as an American who followed that link? Also, there are cookies  to
consider.  Computers  (or IP addresses, depending on how cookies are  man-
aged)  lose their ability to generate money ('inertia') for the advertiser
as more ads get clicked. The Webmasters themselves, for example, are like-
ly to generate 0 cents per click when they hit their own ads.

All  in all, there is no secret formula. Lastly, before getting enthusias-
tic about AdWords, I suggest you become aware of a few stories such as the


Being kept in the dark when it comes to the underlying mechanism is always
a  bad  thing,  but I suppose a necessary thing which  prevent  systematic
frauds a la SEO.

Hope this answers your question,


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