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Re: Dell, HP and Linux

__/ [r.e.ballard@xxxxxxx] on Wednesday 02 November 2005 20:28 \__

> HP has been aggressively marketing "Linux Friendly" machines.  These
> machines are shipped with Windows XP home edition, but can very easily
> be converted to Linux with minimal effort.  HP initially shipped their
> own DVD which included all the drivers needed, but Novell has since
> packaged all of the drivers for these 64 bit machines into their own
> standard issue DVD.
> Ubuntu has also been very agressively supporting HP.  They offer a good
> 64 bit solution and support quite a variety of drivers for the 64 bit
> machines.
> Net result, HP sales are very strong and profits are higher than those
> of competitors.
> Dell on the other hand has been much more bashful about supporting
> Linux, and as a result, has not started aggressively marketing 64 bit
> laptops and desktops.  They have also been giving mixed signals as far
> as Linux-friendly systems.  Some of the machines are Linux friendly,
> some aren't, but Dell isn't very good at telling people which is which.
> Ironically, HP has an advantage, because it's on the retailer shelves.
> Users are sticking in a Live-CD version of Ubuntu, Knoppix, or SuSE and
> taking Linux for a test drive before purchasing the machine.
> Windows-only machines are now selling at "Final clearance" prices.
> They are pretty much selling them for less that it would cost to have
> them discarded in a legal and environmentally friendly way.
> Linux-friendly machines, especially machines with 64 bit CPUs, OpenGL
> graphics, and other hardware that truly lets Linux run at it's best,
> are selling for higher prices and production can't keep up with demand
> (partly because demand was underestimated).

I must admit that part of what you say is new to me and I will have to re-
quest references to something which supports it. The trolls are definitely
feeding  on that one, so a few good pointers would help substantiating the

By the way, 2 of the Linux machines which I use are black Dell boxes. Mon-
itors likewise. I did not happen to purchase these nonetheless (Will I ev-
er?!?!).  Work and the University bought them as Windows machines and as I
glance  over  the my right I can clearly see that "Designed for  Microsoft
Windows"  sticker.  In fact, there's 3 of them -- one for Wintel, two  for


PS  -  Trolls do not reply as I will not read your message/s. This one  is
addressed to a particular person.

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