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Re: Adding text to an image

__/ [John Oliver] on Thursday 03 November 2005 03:25 \__

> I know absolutely nothing about image manipulation.  That being said...
> I need to add some text to an image.  Specifically, a map... I want to
> add labels.  Now, don't laugh... I was in Paint (yeah, yeah, yeah... :-)
> ), and when I went to add text, it always added this text box that was
> too big and it wiped out part of my image.  So, I opened an old eval
> copy of LView Pro.  I add text with it, and the letters are white (I
> want black) and I can't see any color controls.
> What I'd really like to do is be able to print out my text somewhere and
> be able to drag it around and place it on the image where I want it.
> I'd like to be able to maybe angle it, or even drag the letters around
> so they aren't in a straight line (to stay within boundaries on the
> map).
> I downloaded the installer for The Gimp, but since I've never used it or
> Photoshop, I know it's a maze of weird little functions that I have no
> clue about.  I'm perfectly willing to download something else that might
> be easier to do what I want with.  This is a one-time thing, so any
> suggestions should be free or trialware.
> Thank you! :-)

This is a simple question, in fact.

* Open the GIMP

* Pick the text tool which has the icon that's a capital 'T'

* Open the map

* Mouse-press the map at the region where you want text added

* Type in some text in the box (by default it will be black, in older version
of the GIMP you may need to select font first)

* When you have completed entering the text and can view it in the image,
then you can also move it around to reach an optimal position (assuming your
initial placement with the mouse was not satisfactory)

Hope it helps,


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